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Kipling, Kuznetsov, and Putin Praetorians

Putin's Praetorians

At certain stages, in adolescence or adulthood, we immerse ourselves into the world of memoirs by interesting people. We search for any crumbs of information related to our idols, we pass through ourselves each line written by them, in order to extract the main pearls of ideas and experience, capable to direct us along the path of life.

In my youth, I had two such idols – a gifted amazing British poet, writer and journalist Rudyard Kipling and Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Nikolai Kuznetsov. It is unlikely that there is anything published by them that I have missed reading in order to pass them through my soul: And each left an indelible trace in me that determined my fate as a Russian officer. In this context, Phil Butler's book "Putin's Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls" is unique. It contains wisdom, a clot of the most important tenets of, which many modern successful journalists such as Graham Phillips, Margarita Simonyan, Pepe Escobar, The Saker, Charles Bausman, Marcel Sardo, Patrick Armstrong, Marilyn Justice, Holger Eekhof, Jeff Silverman, Chris Doyle, James Beagan, Carmen Renieri, Vanessa Beeley, Levent Alver, Vera van Horne, Christoph Heer, John Delacour, Greg Galloway, Tatiana Pahlen, Enrico Ivanov, Maria Engström, Dimitry Zolotarev, Paul Payer and Vladimir Samarin share with their readers – all at once in one book by Phil Butler.

Each of the authors has managed to contribute in small texts, valuable facets of character that they would like to convey to their readers about themselves, their ideas, their way to the profession of journalist. And to read this book is like passing a lot of valuable memoirs through ourselves in a ceremony that sure will leave a trace in the hearts of each reader.

Putin's Praetorians

Within 72 hours Putin's Praetorians became a #3 bestseller in category on Amazon

There are chapters shared by me in this book too. It seems I'm the only subject who does not represent modern journalism, but since Phil decided that my thoughts are interesting to readers, I am grateful for his unexpected decision to include my articles in his work.

I recommend this book to a wider audience - this is a great chance to see and understand the supporters of the path that modern Russia and its followers go. This is in no way a book about Putin or his supporters. Phil Butler's book is a window into a collective mindset that reveals the essence of the modern community of journalists, bloggers and ordinary people at both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The book talks about life paths of people who are not indifferent to the fate of their society, country and the whole world. Each of those contributors knows what are honor and justice, many were going the way, full of errors and rethinking, found a purpose, allowing to live in harmony with oneself.

I wish you a pleasant and useful reading. (Я желаю вам приятного и полезного чтения.)