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Vitaly Gogunsky Finds a Bride On "Let's Get Married"

 Vitaly Gogunsky
Vitaly Gogunsky

This week, Russian TV star Vitaly Gogunsky became the biggest attraction ever for the TV hit “Let’s Get Married”, by asking the country’s main matchmakers to help him find another love. 

Previously married and with children, Gogunsky sought out Larisa Guzeeva and Rose Sabitova of Channel 1 to help him find a bride. Tired of constantly changing girlfriends, the star told the show organizers he is ready to settle down. 

The popular show is a bit like the old Dating Game in the United States, basically a show where three contestants make a pitch or bid for the hero of the show. In the most recent episode, a 30 year old hottie named Aurica shared her dreams of Chilean mountaintop sunrises with Vitaly. 

Ultimately Vitaly chose Aurica, who was also married previously, but with no children. A translator, she works now as an art director at a local nightclub. On choosing her, the 37 year old TV star said his new fiancée fit the bill as a beautiful gait and a genuine zest for life. 

The video below shows a segment of the show where Vitaly sought out his significant other.