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Give Her "Beauty Chocolates" on Women's Day

Confael "Beauty Chocolates" for Women's Day

A recent Yandex.Money survey showed that most a majority of users of that product prefer to receive money on Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th. But of course Yandex.Cashier clients prefer money! Chocolate, on the other hand, ranks right up there with flowers, since the dawn of time. Our Russia takes a look at Russia’s most famous chocolatiers, Konfael Group, (sometime Confael) about the upcoming celebration of women.

For a bit of background on Women’s Day celebrations, March 8th in Russia can be equated with Mother's Day in other countries, although the Russian holiday celebrates all women, including mothers, grandmothers, daughters, and girlfriends. Also known as the International Women's Day (Междунаро́дный же́нский день), is celebrated in mostly the former republics of the former USSR. A carryover dedicated initially to women’s rights, the current holiday is a bit more like a reverent Valentine’s Day.

"Beauty Chocolate" — Cosmetics that are a delicious delicacy for your skin.

Most often celebrated within the family circle,  with a festive meal and champagne, the day also brings friends together, as well as the giving of flowers, postcards with poetry, chocolate, and other pleasant gifts to mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters and daughters. And while the few thousand Yandex.Money users surveyed may genuinely prefer cash, about 100 million women had probably rather get flowers with chocolate. Enter Russia’s most prolific chocolate company, Konfael (Конфаэль).

Devour your opponent

The company " Konfael " is the leading Russian luxury chocolatier. Famous for the use of high cocoa content Belgian chocolates (56% cocao), the company hand makes many thousands of different varieties of specialty gifts, including  those dedicated to various holidays like “Women’s Day”. The factory, in the Krasnogorsk, Moscow region, produces some 200 types of exclusive handmade candy, and award winning chocolate art. The company has won dozens of international awards, not to mention having produced some of the most unique (often wild) chocolate creations. 

A chocolate portrait gift for Pope Benedict XVI

We spoke briefly with Konfael’s social media organizers about what’s special for this “Women’s Day”. As it turns out , the company has created “Beauty Chocolate”, which is an offer of 5 skin care products including: a facial oil, a body oil, facial scrub, body scrub and a chocolate wrap made solely from natural ingredients — cocoa mass and cocoa butter. So, celebrated women can literally be immersed in decadent chocolates this March 8th. Irina Eldarkhanova, owner of Konfael, described for me how her company's Beauty Chocolate offering came into being: 

"Chocolate is really a magical thing. Why just one bar of chocolate a day can help to improve a bad mood, to get rid of stress, and can even improve one's health. We even read a Harvard study that showed dark chocolate, like that which we use, can lower blood pressure. So one day we thought; "Why not use that wonderful properties of chocolate for the skin?" So, no sooner said than done!"


Specialty creations via Confael

I asked the social media team about such “special” creations, and more particularly the “best” chocolate stories the company has ever engaged in. Of the several “celebrity” or momentous cocoa creations Konfael has done over the years, the giant chocolate crocodile is by far the most outrageous. Of course the company has made a Soviet tank KV-1 tank for the Defender's Day celebrations. Chocolate chess pieces are another novel and tasty promotion that allowed players to not only take the opponent’s pieces, but to gobble them afterward. But, a chocolate gas station for Roman Abramovich, a and even a chocolate portrait gift for Pope Benedict XVI are all dwarfed by a 1000 kilogram chocolate croc the company had to get out of the factory through a window, and transport to the buyer via truck.

So for March 8th, while money makes sense for those fragmented from romanticism or traditon, Konfael's concept of celebrating women seems far more precious a gift for me. I'm sending my wife these cosmetics, since Romanians celebrate this holiday too. For more informaiton about this company, readers should click the links or contact them directly via: +7 495 739-95-95