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Book Excerpt: Pepe Escobar On Putin Praetorians

Pepe Escobar

I’ve never suffered fools/simpletons/sub-zoology specimens gladly – or otherwise. When you’ve been around as a foreign correspondent for over three decades – all over the world – you think you’ve been through every swamp in the book. Oh no, you haven’t seen the hysterical swamp accusing you 24/7 of being a Putin agent. So, here’s me, on the record.

I was a Putin agent before I turned 15 when I read Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. I was a Putin agent before studying the USSR in depth in college. I’ve been a Putin agent since before I marveled at the Paris-Moscow retrospective at the Beaubourg. I was even a Putin agent before I visited the USSR still in the Gorbachev era. I was a Putin agent before I arrived in Moscow on the Trans-Siberian just to check, live, in the Winter of 1992, that the Soviet Union was no more. I’ve been a Putin agent since before I covered drunken Yeltsin barely kept on his feet by Bubba Clinton at the Kremlin. I was a Putin agent long before the ruble crisis of 1998 when I was commuting between the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Moscow. I was a Putin agent before covering Putin’s election in 2000 and partying hard at the Metropol every night. I was a Putin agent before I was invited by RT to be a guest on camera and to write Op-Eds. I was a Putin agent before I signed a contract with Sputnik as a columnist. I’ve been a Putin agent since decades before Oliver Stone told me in a dinner he was editing a Putin documentary. I’ve been a Putin agent since before Russia itself formed out of the permafrost. And yes, I’ll remain a Putin agent even after I return to dust.

Now piss off. 

Pepe Escobar - Asia Times

"Putin's Praetorians: Confessions of the Top Kremlin Trolls" has been an overnight bestseller on Amazon Kindle since being published. Russia Insider founder Charles Bausman said: "If you want to understand what a massive hoax the whole Russiagate scam is, then you could do no better than read this book."

Veterans Today Managing Editor Jim W. Dean offered this about the book and author Phil Butler: "Butler has given us a book whose time has come. “Putin’s Praetorians” is a kind of reverse “Empire Strikes Back” – an epic battle where many of the Jedi are just ordinary people without a light saber between them."

Readers can buy either the Kindle or paperback versions of the book via the author's Amazon author page here. Please note, the Kindle price has been dropped dramatically so that potential readers might have easier access to reading this meaningful story of dissenters.