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Anna Abdulova Fashions: Inspired by Being Russian

Anna Abdulova
Courtesy Anna Abdulova

Our Russia had the opportunity recently to interview one of Russia’s most interesting new design talents, fashion designer Anna Abdulova. The founder of a new Russian Romance brand, Anna is most recently noted for her recent collection devoted to the famous Pavlovo Posad.

Anna’s magnificent dresses are a stunning combination of casual chic and Russian folk tradition, each made from colorful and durable easy-to-wear fabrics. While using the famous Pavlovo Posad scarves is not an altogheter unique idea, the artistry and casual pettiness Abdulova employs are iridescent, as anyone can see from images of the collections. We caught up with Anna via Facebook, to ask about her original inspirations, and her aspirations.

Our Russia: Anna, when did you first realize you wanted to be a designer?

Anna: Well, I cannot say I was inspired by any single person or event. I think Russia has been my inspiration really. Since I was a small child in Azov, I remember being a creative. I used to sing a lot when I was in college, and we traveled a good bit. So the people, art, culture and places of Russia made an impact on me always. From the architecture of Chelyabinsk, to the majestic beauty of Siberia, the Urals, the Beauty of Russia is in everything, even in the air. And my love is reflected in everything I do.

Our Russia: Where did the notion to create this most recent collection come from Anna?

Anna: I recall, a few years ago I wanted a dress, but that was unique. Seriously, I wanted this dress to not only fit in for Russia, but I need it to make it abundantly clear I am a Russian girl. So, I spent a lot of time looking, but never really found the exact item. Then my Mom gave me a handkerchief of immeasurable beauty and color. I did not know at the time, these scarves and handkerchiefs are actually ancient Russian craft. I did know that I simply had to create something to wear from this magnificent art.

Our Russia: How did the idea become a reality?

Anna: The idea ended up being a dress for me, and for my Mom. But as time went by, more and more people asked where such a striking dress came from. Eventually, I began to get a lot of request, then later orders to make similar dresses. This led to my part in the All-Russian youth forum, Seliger 2014. It was here I received a lot of help and accolades, and urging to continue my work. Four designers, including me, were awarded grants to spur them forward.

Our Russia: Where are you right now in the process of creating and selling your fashions?

Anna: Well, since taking master classes on how to run one’s own fashion business, and with the guidance of greats from Moscow Fashion week like, Artem Krivda. Daniel Antsiferov, I’ve learned a great deal. I have also made a lot of headway in achieving key facets of the business. For one thing I have my clothes being made by professionals now, and the dresses are being sold in stores. While I continue to work with Russian shawls, but other materials are especially interesting for me. Of course, I have a long way to go given my effort is fueled by inspiration.

by Anna Abdulova

I could not complete our interview via Facebook instant messenger, as Anna was headed to out of town and had to run. What impresses me most about Anna is her sense of color and immuatble tradition in creating these wonderful fashions. While I am not by any means an expert, I do know something of the history of Russian art. Anna has captured, just as she said she wanted to, a way for ladies to wear comfortably and proudly, what it means to be Russian. If there is anything this nation is known for it is fabulous creativity. I look forwar to Anna's next creations, as I am sure my wife is. Now to shop for one of these dresses. 

Readers interested in learning more about Anna and her magnificent creations should visit her Facebook or VK profiles, Instagram, or simply call: +79289031818 via WhatsApp or Viber to order.