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President Putin Visits the Orenburgsky State Nature Reserve

Vladimir Putin visits Orenburgsky state nature reserve
Vladimir Putin visits Orenburgsky state nature reserve

During his trip to the Orenburg Region, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Orenburgsky State Nature Reserve. During his visit, Mr. Putin took time to take part in a programme to restore the population of Przewalski's horses, joining reserve employees Rafilya Bakirova and Tatyana Zharkikh, in releasing a few horses into their natural habitat.

On a visit to Orenburg Region on Monday, Russia's president spent a few hours at the southern Ural Mountains reserve that serves as a breeding ground for these endangered horses. During the visit, Mr. Putin led the Przewalski’s horses from a fenced enclosure out into the steppe, and a photo op revealed the stunning landscapes of the region. The preserve currently houses a small team of horses from France in order to reintroduce them into their natural habitat.During the visit to the Orenburgsky state nature reserve. With Head of the Przewalski’s Horse Reintroduction Centre Tatyana Zharkikh. (Kremlin)

The reserve is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of four separate types of steppe landscape: the Transvolga, the Ural Mountains, the Southern Urals and Trans-Urals. Located roughly 1200km southeast of Moscow, the Orenburg Region is also a part of a massive expanse of grassland that stretches from eastern Romania to Kazakhstan, across the northern edges of the Black Sea and Caspian Sea.

The reserve itself is basically closed to the public, except by special permission and special occasions. Scientists and researchers are the only people with unlimited access, but ecotourists with a guide can get special permission.