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Russia Bisected: The Trump Straw Man Theory

Donald Trump
Donald Trump - DonkeyHotey CC 2.0

This morning an email from highly informed colleagues has filled in pieces of the world chaos puzzle for me. The question that has risen for many analysts is; “Is Donald Trump THAT crazy?” My intelligence community contacts say, no. For this American president and his backers, it is important for the figurehead of American to have the flexibility of appearing like a loose cannon. Here’s a candid look at the “straw man” - President Donald Trump – with notes on KGB factions, Israel’s mafia, Facebook, and a bottomless rabbit hole.   

To conjure up such ridiculous questions, the answers to which we all know or should know are in the negative, is to build up a whimsical and farcical straw man who is not only grim but Grimm.” – Tom C. Clark, Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court

Look No Further – Greater Israel is Here

In a story in March by Laurent Guyénot, for my friend The Saker’s Blog, the author calls into question the paradoxical nature of modern Israel and Zionism. Or, the ambiguity of Jewishness and Zionism intersecting tribalism and universalism. How Zionist is the New World Order,” discusses what we mean when we call someone or something “Zionist” or “Jewish.” The piece is an excellent academic look at who is pulling strings in the world. The author points out that the new Zionists as having created the neoconservative movement, among other things. But the analysis is most potent in enlightening us to a hitherto unseen and unspoken truth – that thing referred to as Greater Israel, it’s already here.

The idea is, Zionist/Jewish influence worldwide has, in effect, expanded Israel’s borders via control and leverage, to effect more control over much of the world. I don’t want to dwell on this here, but if this “Greater Israel” has already come into being, then the world turning a blind eye to the human catastrophe Israel exacts in Gaza is better explained.[1] Concerning the expansion of Zionist power worldwide, it’s fair to say Israel and the religion of Judaism were used for leverage for gain since before 1948. The question of Zionist expansionism and control is rationalized by Guyénot by arguing semantics, and whether or not the controllers of the Jewish state see themselves as nationalist/internationalist, separatist/inclusionist. The author’s arguments come down to the uniquely Jewish question; “Is Yahweh God or just the god of Israel?” Likewise, academic and historical research lead us on a circuitous journey as long as the decades of debate over the Palestinian question. I propose a far simpler way of gleaning the truth. If we can agree that our current situation is untenable, then we don’t need to delve into the cause, we only need to observe the “effects,” and the key characters involved, which brings us to Donald Trump, the “straw man.”  

Assuming the Trump is the chosen useful tool of the Zionist created liberal order, then feigned stupidity, craziness, or even feebleness becomes a curative. Sure, Donald Trump may be nutty as a fruitcake, but the more logical explanation for his wishy-washy and boisterous actions is that he and his cohorts use this flamboyancy to purpose. The public has already become accustomed to the zany Trump doing whatever. So, “whatever” can change markets, alter international relations, start and end wars, and the U.S. president’s volatile wackiness obfuscates accountability. At least where the people behind the straw man are concerned. As to objectives, I alluded to Trump war tantrums affecting markets in a report the other day on my blog. It would be dreadful easy and profitable for an American president to manipulate commodity and stock prices. For years my colleague, Dutch researcher, and analyst Holger Eekhof and I have debated the possibility of world policymakers being Wall Street insiders deep down. I first suspected this the day Malaysian Airlines’ MH17 was downed over Ukraine. In an interview given to Charlie Rose by Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State slipped up and told Rose about checking rouble prices on her way to his show, where she instantly pointed the finger at Putin. Given the boosts to certain stocks, after Trump’s Tweeted missile taunt to Putin, I calculate the probability today is better than 30% such “slip” reap profits for some. This “stock gaming” angle is a probability fit for more investigating.

The White House In the Bag

Fridman partner German Khan and L1 Energy colleague Lord Browne in 2016With the most powerful office in the world in the bag, imagine the more significant implications for investors like the Jewish Russian oligarch, Mikhail Fridman. He is the Russian/Israeli magnate my colleagues say runs Trump like a remote control kids toy. To be honest, in all my research on controlling elements of the “order” I’ve only touched on Fridman a time or two. But, let’s assume my people in intelligence are correct.

Fridman, the second richest man in Russia, has his fingers (or tentacles) in one heck of a lot of pies. Alpha Bank Group, which he founded, has massive interests from Amsterdam to Belarus, and from the United Kingdom and the United States. I think it’s possible Fridman is one of the remaining privateers Putin needs to throw from Russia but is reluctant to. Remember back in the early 2000s when mafiosos like Yukos billionaire Mikhail Khodorkovsky was rounded up over privatization embezzlements? Well, about the same time Putin was forced to pay cash for Fridman’s shares in the TNK-BP/Rosneft deal. When Putin’s friend Igor Sechin agreed to invest for shares in the state oil company, the Russian state had to pay the Jewish oligarch Fridman with cash. Putin wanted Fridman to reinvest the $14 billion back into the Russian economy, but Fridman took his money offshore and beyond the reach of Putin in case anything went wrong (like the Khodorkovsky mess).[2] Speaking of the former Yukos privateer, his dealings with BP and Edmund John Philip Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley (At left with Fridman's billionaire partner German Khan) bear mentioning here. Can you wager a guess as to who the Executive Chairman of Fridman’s L1 Energy is? Yes, the oil and gas investment company controlled by Fridman is run by the gay former BP boss succeeded by Tony Hayward. Interestingly, Hayward is also on the board of the new oil and gas company.

L1 has branched out to investing billions across a diverse portfolio of companies from health care concerns and offshore Norwegian oil to retail, and even the great UBER transportation startup. It’s no big secret that in London, as elsewhere, the pirates and pariahs of Yeltsin era Russia roam about spreading their loot.[3] But today the claim by the lunatic Democrats, that there is collusion in between Trump and Putin, it’s misdirect. My colleagues in the U.S. suggest some of Russian rubles/shekels may be leveraging a United States president. But the roubles are not from Vladimir Putin. Instead, the prime suspect for running the Trump White House is a Putin adversary, a mighty one.

Trump is the liberal order’s “straw man” for several reasons. Not the least of them being conning the American people into believing he was the lesser of two evils. As we can see now, either “evil” would have led to the same devastation of world détente. Clinton or Trump, the controlling force behind western world politics and business could care less which choice we make. If my information holds up, the Jewish/Israeli mafia is behind not only Trump but Macron and May as well. But the focus of these allegations was directed at an alleged “Trump-Putin” collusion. This focus orchestrated by the liberal order, it virtually assured Trump would never actually be implicated in Russia dealing. Vladimir Putin having never once been proven guilty of ANY of the West's allegations against him, he became the truth the “straw man” convoluted. While this is a complex fourth dimension notion, the results Trump is providing the order are proof enough. Like everything else we encounter in trying to explain the world’s state today, untold misdirects and machinations confuse and confound truth. Trump the “straw man” implement, he’s the poster child representing hundreds of them spread throughout government, business, philanthropy, academics, and even entertainment. But why hide the anti-Putin inside an endless collection of Russian matryoshka doll containing mafioso oligarchs? More importantly, if Alpha Bank’s co-founder has made Trump his minion for Putin’s vile enemies, then why is he not banished like, and the others? Again, if my theories are correct, putting the White House on the payroll is easily proven.

President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin's meeting for a summit at the home of FDR on October 23, 1995 - FDR Library

On December 31, 1999, acting President Vladimir Putin signed into law a decree giving Boris Yeltsin, and members of his family “legal and social guarantees." At the time The Guardian and other media misconstrued and misinformed the public by suggesting that Putin was granting himself unlimited immunity. That was not the case.  It’s clear now that this decree was part of a wider negotiation, a negotiation to finalize the selloff of Russia’s riches to the Rothschilds and others. I suspect that the powerful in Russia were at cross purposes as to what extent these privateering efforts would affect the long term. But I am no economist. This “immunity” also applied to figures like Mikhail Fridman, if my sources are correct. Let’s assume for this report, that I am correct.

A key insider, who shall remain unnamed, told me the other day that Fridman is a close associate of what has become known as “The Family” in Russia. This term eventually became part of the Russian political vocabulary. According to many experts in and outside Russia, the immunity ended up covering not only Yeltsin but his daughters, sons-in-law, their friends, adviser, and backers. It’s impossible for me to relate here just how great and how dubious were the affairs of these Yeltsin minions. Furthermore, the evidence of global collusion by this “mafia” is so widespread no short analysis can begin to frame it. At the end of the celebrity branch of the mafia tree, former President Bill Clinton and his contemporaries dangle like poison apples. Today, the linkages in between the Russian/Israeli mafia types expands to include dozens of key political and business figures internationally. Among Fridman’s probable co-conspirators are: British businessman Brent Hoberman (LetterOne advisory board), the non-executive chairman of The Guardian; Stan Polovets (Israel’s Netanyahu); Andrew Gould (BG Group – now Dutch Royal Shell); Charles Goodyear of Goodyear family fame; Scott D. Sheffield who helped build the U.S. shale oil bonanza; and Anatoly Chubais the Russian privatization Czar.[4] Again, the more I dig for answers and connections, the deeper and more complex the network becomes. An abbreviated list of stakeholders in the privatization piracy in the Yeltsin period reads like a laundry list of new world billionaires. “The Family” - protected by a concession from Putin and his colleagues – appears to have robbed Russia not once, but twice. From what I can discern, Russians lost untold trillions to the various privatization robbers who took over Russian assets, and then paid again once the IMF and other loans Russian mafioso squandered had to be paid back. By the time Vladimir Putin repaid almost all of Russia’s foreign debt, the “clans” of the Yeltsin “family” had already begun to jump ship and leave Russia with their loot, or they solidified their immunity inside Russia. For my part, I am amazed Yeltsin “family” associates like Chubais and Fridman have stayed clear of a Russian jail.[5]

A KGB Twitter? 

Today, it’s difficult to sort this army of west-aligned opportunists. Sifting through their minions and underbosses is even more complex. However circuitous the trail from Russia to the Rothschilds and other Bilderberg attendees is, there is a common thread tying the whole catastrophic mess of the world power brokering together – our Zionist mafia.[6][7][8] Furthermore, the big mistake most western analysts make when attempting to “pin” everything on Vladimir Putin, is the reality of power in Russia. While Putin’s administration does, in fact, operate with the caveat of the people and the most powerful business people, there seem to be many in the latent faction known as (The Family) who remain immune to the laws of any land. The Trump/Russia investigation is the perfect example of disinformation to obfuscate the truth about Putin. Take for instance the Manafort or Jared Kushner connectives the liberals pretend to smear Trump with.[9] Here we insert figures like Yuri Milner and connections to Russian/Israeli mob bosses like the notorious Semion Mogilevich.[10] Those out to get Vladimir Putin through Trump, and vice versa, lop Milner and Russian mafiosos together as if Putin is some sort of Hollywood Godfather. The reality is, as I described earlier on, completely different.  

Milner, who came to the fore by associations with Putin enemies like Khodorkovsky, is also linked in with Silicon Valley. Imagine the impact $800 million in investment to Twitter might have on an election! Or, does anybody with a startup aimed at getting YCombinator funding realize the mob might be involved? For those aiming to convict Vladimir Putin through guilt by association, answer the following. Why would Sergey Brin, the Google boys, Twitter and Facebook, and most of Silicon Valley beat the “Putin guilty” drum so hard if it were Putin calling the Israeli/Russian mob shots? I hope someone can explain Yuri and Julia Milner established the Breakthrough Prize, joined by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan, Anne Wojcicki and Mark Zuckerberg. Once again we arrive smack in the middle of an Alice in Wonderland nightmare. But the rabbit hole here never seems to end. The Yeltsin “Family” issue seems to me to be close to the core of the ultimate truth. The Bank of New York money laundering (a quarter of a billion per day), Jewish mobsters from Russia, and what trillions of trillions can buy on this world.[11]

For this report, there can be no ironclad conclusion. However, Putin’s Russia is far more enigmatic than any western analysts, journalist, or politician has presented. This quote from testimony at a U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Banking and Financial Services on September 21, 1999, speaks of the “factions” Mr. Putin has had to deal with since he came to power:

“YURI SHVETS (former KGB agent). Yes, Mr. Chairman, Menatep was one of the largest Russian banks, the most heavily penetrated by the KGB, starting with the former KGB Chairman, Ivanenko. There were different factions within the KGB before the collapse of the Soviet Union, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. So Menatep apparently worked closer with the faction of the KGB which supported Boris Yeltsin in his fight against so-called ''Gigashipa'' in August 1991, and it fits the pattern of the KGB-penetrated financial institution.” 

Vladimir Putin with Nizhny Tagil Mayor Sergei Nosov

My sources tell me this agent would have been more accurate in naming the GKCHP (State Emergency Committee during the Soviet coup attempt) as Yeltsin’s adversary. But the point here is the factions within Russia, which are akin to those in America or the UK.

Menatep, Silicon Valley, Alpha Bank, Fridman, Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, and Trump – all these and more have been touched by the theft of the Russian legacy. One people’s heritage and wealth, even their dignity, it’s being stolen by unscrupulous men. And the thieves would have you believe Putin caused it all. Whoever runs Greater Israel, that is who should be blamed for every crisis today. We’ll focus next time on who the real Zionists are.


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