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Putin Approves of $4 Billion "Russian Fairyland" Theme Park

Vladimir Putin receives the prospectus for Magic World Russia
Vladimir Putin receives the prospectus for Magic World Russia

According to the Governor of Kaluga Region Anatoly Artamonov, Russia will soon have it's own Russia style Disneyland-like theme park. At a meeting with Russia President Vladimir Putin, Mr. Artamonov revealed investors and the allocation of some 220 hectares of land for the park's development.

Artamonov went on to relate how the growing numbers of tourists to the Moscow region has more than doubled in the last three years along, and how the "Russian Fairyland" project is needed. The new park is to consist of several zones and hotels, and will have the largest water park in the world. As is the case in some western theme parks, Magical Russia will have some themes focused on Russian places, while others will deal excitement, cultural motifs, and purely entertaining aspects. 

Magical World of Russia

The investment needed, some $4 billion, has already been secured without state help, according to the announcement. Artamonov did mention that the support of President Putin would be helpful, even though state support is not needed, to which the Russian president answered; "With pleasure".

A press release from BusinessWire  back in 2011 told of the project named back then, "Magic World of Russia", headed by a California investment deal by Moschanko Investment Group (MIG 2000), a Beverly Hills, California based corporation, where the world renowned Gennady Moshkovich would be involved along with Gary Goddard Entertainment Design (a division of Goddard Group), ProFun Management Group, and (it) Brand Studios. But there is no word today as to whether those entites are involve in the project now.

Conceptualization of the new theme park

The announcement came as something of a surprise for many, especialyl considering all the negative hype about sanctions and Russia's economic trials of late. The conceptual pictures we've shared, were reportedly shown to President Putin by Governor Artamonov, earlier this week.