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Rostov Cathedral Receives Newly Discovered Shrines

Relics of Rostov Cossacks

Acting Governor of the Rostov region,  Vasily Golubev has had transferred to the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Rostov-on-Don religious relics of significant value to Orthodox Christians. According to news from Interfax, the pieces were discovered recently unearthed in the ancient settlement of Taganrog (Russian - Таганрог), on the Azov Sea. 

The acting governor pointed out to reporters the importance of the relics, as well as transferring the holy objects to the Bishop of Novocherkassk Mercury: 

"The Relics were found in 2007 in Taganrog at dismantling the foundations of the old house. The reliquaries contain the authenticated relics of 60 saints. Before the revolution, the items were located at the Taganrog Jerusalem Compound of the Jerusalem Patriarch Damian and the Blessed Elder Paul of Taganrog." 

Golubev also made a note to mention the significance of these items to the cultural heritage of the Don Cossacks, who represent a special page in the history of this region. the Rostov Cathedral of the Nativity of the blessed virgin.The Rostov governor went on to express his desire that present generations understand the impact of these relics. The Metropolitan Mercury (Bishop) also stressed: 

 "When people return to national and religious shrines, this is a very auspicious sign that good, good, good changes occur in the environment of our people."

The celebration, held in the village Starocherkasskaya, ended with a concert program. For readers unaware, the ancient capital of the don Cossacks of the stanitsa Starocherkasskaya is at the center of over forty noteworthy historical and cultural sites including the Resurrection (Voskresensky) Cathedral, completed in 1719, and its famous gilded wooden iconostasis.