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Home Sweet Moscow: A Stay at Mamaison’s Pokrovka

Meat & More inside Mamaison All Suites
Meat & More inside Mamaison All Suites in Moscow

We found our “home sweet home” in the center of Moscow at Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka. Before we tell you about our visit, what do you think the best attributes of a 5 star hotel should be? Well, you know the answer. We were not surprised to discover the modern stylish interior, or excellent service, nor was the fine food unexpected. We never expected to find all this steps from Red Square on maybe Moscow’s quietest street.

This Mamaison Hotel is the only one in Russia so far, a seemingly cherished property sporting a small private garden not far from the famous Kremlin. We arrived in Moscow the day before meetings with key technology executives from Skolkovo, as well as a meetup with the founder of Geek Picnic. A bit apprehensive about what is typically a noisy traffic clogged central Moscow, we were delighted to discover the ideal location of Mamaison just off Pokrovka Blvd. 

Mamaison lobby Moscow
It was on first entering the lobby my purse made contact with Sasha's head for the first time - he was wielding the camera capturing this beautiful girl!

Classified a “boutique hotel,” this wonderful accommodation was designed by the famous Jestico+Whiles architectural bureau. Stylish and modern, to the core, we were somewhat surprised to enter one suite on a tour, with the staunch figure of a horse statue, alongside a grand piano. Yes, objects de art are all about the hotel. 

Moscow Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka
Suite at Moscow Mamaison All-Suites Spa Hotel Pokrovka - You thought we were kidding?

On entering the lobby, one gets the impression of comfort, along with a kind of comfortable and easy elegance. And we found surprising too, the huge amount of space dedicated to the hotel’s spa aspect. Amost the entire first floor is occupied this complex including; a pool, hammam, and the Algotherm resident there. Also on the ground floor, guests can be tempted with the gastronomy of Meat & More, a legendary steak restaurant the hotel is famous for.

The front desk at Mamaison in Moscow
The front desk at Mamaison in Moscow

As much as Sasha and I love restaurants though, we found the kitchen in our room a nice “homey” touch. Despite our tendencies toward cooking our own food though, we discovered the vegan magic Meat & More’s chef has fashioned. When we were done experimenting at culinary fun, the cigar room off the bar provided yet another pleasant surprise. The VIP area there, mesmerizing Sasha and I for a spell. For those guests interested in fine whiskey with a cigar, before a sumptuous cut of steak, you are invited to dine from the Meat & More menu without moving a muscle.

Sasha redeems himself at the elevator at Mamaison Moscow
Here Sasha tries to redeem himself snapping another girl - me this time, in the stylish Mamaison elevator

In fairness, not everything about Mamiason All-Suites was absolutely positive. One blip on the satisfaction radar was the first room we were shown to. I commented to Sasha that the housekeeping staff had missed a cup with a spot (yes, I am that particular), which prompted our hosts to immediately shift our accommodations. Over a cup! Other than this rather trivial note, our only other complaint, it’s actually a positive. It seems the management at Mamaison may be concerned James Bond 007 might arrive on some clandestine mission. There’s a security overkill in our book, with card access even in the elevator. Sasha groaned at every corner, having to invent a six-digit password to access things. Even the Mission Impossible team could not decipher a 6 digit code! I’m half kidding here. To be honest, the added security adds comfort, rather than aggravation.

Outside our suite at Mamaison
Outside our suite at Mamaison Pokrovka

Finally, what made me feel like this hotel is a second home is not the steak and brandy. Nor did the kitchen in our room cement this feeling in my brain. What made me feel at home was the mattress on our magic bed. If the guys at Mamaison know anything, it’s how to ensure guests get a great night’s sleep.

The fluffiness I described at Mamaison
The fluffiness I described at Mamaison... we slept like babes

To better encapsulate for your a true impression of this very nice hotel, we talked briefly with the Director of Sales,  Vladimir Yurko. This fascinating young executive, who only 5 years ago helped guests with their luggage, related to us the gist of Mamaison’s popularity, that is customer service. The secret to Pokrovka’s popularity according to Yurko, is not simply the comfort and safety of the stylish apartments. Responsiveness to guest’s needs, along with a very reasonable price for central Moscow, make the accommodations one of the most successful in the city.

A very cool reversible flat screen at Mamaison
Our very cool reversible flat screen at Mamaison.

The takeaway for Sasha and I is, we'll certainly come back the next time we visit Moscow when our friends are not home. Sasha left our rave review here on TripAdvisor, in case you want more. For rates or to book with the hotel we recommend following the links provided, or contacting the hotel directly at: +7 495 229-57-57