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LinkedIn May Be Blocked Across Russia This Week

Russian LinkedIn
Russian LinkedIn

Russia’s telecom and IT watchdog Roskomnadzor may block LinkedIn this week for alleged violations of Russia personal data laws. The world's biggest professional network, LinkedIn risks being put on the list of banned websites over the dispute.

According to the regulatory agency's Vadim Ampelonsky, LinkeIn may be blocked as early as Monday or Tuesday. An appeal by LinkedIn was rejected last week by the Moscow City Court. LinkedIn's lawyers seem to be trying to get by on technicality in suggesting it is LinkedIn Ireland, not the US-based LinkedIn Corporation, that's responsible for processing data of users residing outside the United States. However, a Roskomnadzor representative insisted that LinkedIn Corporation as the domain name administrator. 

The case revolves around a law that requires companies to store personal data of Russian users within the country’s borders. LinkedIn is the first foreign company to publicly clash with Russia’s communications regulator, Roskomnadzor. Back in August, a lower court ruled in favor of Roskomnadzor, that LinkedIn didn’t comply with Russian law on two counts: first, by not storing information about Russians on servers inside the country, and second by processing information about third parties who aren’t registered on the site and haven’t signed the company’s user agreement.