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Vladimir Putin Calls for Spiritual Values

Prince Vladimir monument dedication

At a November 4th ceremony on Borovitskaya Square for the unveiling of a monument to Prince Vladimir, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin told onlookers of society's  need to counter modern challenges and threats, and follow the spiritual precepts of Prince Vladimir. 

Attending the ceremony to honor the figure who brought Eastern Orthodox Christianity to Kievan Rus in 988, Mr. Putin offered this:

"His era saw many achievements but the most important of them and certainly a key one was the Christianization of Russia," Putin said.The Russian leader said "this choice was the common spiritual origin for the peoples of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Prince Vladimir laid the foundation of morals and values that still define our life. The solid moral foundation, cohesion and unity helped our ancestors to overcome difficulties, live and gain victory to the glory of the motherland, from generation to generation to strengthen its might and grandeur."

Russia's president also stressed, that the duty of the people is to rely on these spiritual precepts and traditions, in order that society can move forward. The 16-meter monument to Prince Vladimir is erected at the initiative of the Russian Military-Historical Society and the government of Moscow. 

In another ceremony, Mr. Putin laid flowers at a monument to Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, the leaders of the militia in 1611-1612 who liberated Moscow from the Polish invaders.