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Something More With Papers for Kids

Paper Forest
Welcome to Paper Forest
Every parent wants their child to experience all the best. Whether it be clothes, books, or even toys, and on to education, we strive to give our kids all the things sometimes did without. Today it is ever more possible to provide for our children literal "dreams come true", and especially where entertainment is concerned. 
A fascinating new game I found, one which is catching on like wildfire, now helps young children learn all about their world while interacting with the game "Papers". Creativity brought to life, this is what the super cool animation innovation is all about. The game helps kids to explore, create, experiment, and to fantasize about amazing things, and simple concepts made fascinating too.
This clever interactive is presents the child with a cast of charming characters including the ultimately funny Aristotle Moose, and Tyuktyuk Woodpecker. These iconic characters help your kids enter a magnificently creative world. And best of all, "Paperwork" goes with the family wherever an app can be played. A smartphone or tablet is transformed into the dreamscape where paper heroes possess paper, cardboard, and stationary qualities. And yes, kids get inspired to make their own paper cutouts. So super heroes come alive by your children making them with their own two hands. 
The game contains many schemes for paper creativity, so children can begin to express themselves not only in the virtual world, but also in reality. By becoming familiar with their paper heroes, children readily adapt and emulate their new friends to explore new possibilities. "Papers" is available for iOS and Android, as well as being a cartoon featured on Russia TV 1