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ARTSTORY Gallery Presents "Enchanted East"

V.Fadeev - 1940 UzTAG Number 46
V.Fadeev - 1940 UzTAG Number 46

A new exhibition entitled 'Enchanted East', will be held in the gallery ARTSTORY from 23rd June to 31st July, 2016. The event introduces the 'Eastern' period of creativity of the 1920s and 1930s, via more than 150 works, some of which are being shown for the first time.

This exquisite exhibit is made up of paintings, drawings, and sculpture by artists including;  Alexander Volkov, Alexander Labas, Mikhail Kurzin Alexander Nikolaev (Usto Mumin), Victor Ufimtsev, Hope Kashin Amshey Nuremberg, Nicholas Karahan, Benjamin Cedrenus Vadim Gulyaev, Vladimir Tabor and others. The theme of the event will focus on Turkestan and the avant-garde, which was neither western or eastern in origin. Central Asia influences developed into a cultural phenomenon, which eventually was classified as “Turkestan vanguard”.

Benjamin Kedrin - Pervomay in Tashkent 1949

A separate section of the exhibition will focus on wartime including posters such as the propaganda style of   'Windows UzTAG', which produced propaganda posters during World War II. This facet of the show will feature 'Ordinary people of Uzbekistan' by Benjamin Kedrina and the military works of Alexander Labasa.

Finally, collections from other galleries of ARTSTORY such as 'The Ark', 'On the Chistye Prudy', as well as from the private collections Yuri Petukhov, Yuri Nosov, Alexander Anevskogo, Yegor Markevich, Elena Tchirkova, Alice Labas, Tatiana Dobroserdovoy and others, will be presented.

Alexander Volkov - Teahouse in Ovuale

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