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Krasnodar Chosen "Most Comfortable City in Russia"

Day of Russia in Krasnodar
Day of Russia celebrations in Krasnodar (Courtesy City of Krasnodar and Bogdan Chernekov)

Krasnodar has been chosen "The most comfortable settlement of Russia" by the government of the Russian Federation. Meanwhile, second place went to both Ulyanovsk and Barnaul, with Kaluga and Tula sharing third place.

According to the news from Moscow, city winners will receive awards denoting their civic value, in a contest designed to stimulate local governmental initiative to improve housing and livability in such communities. Another of the initiatives of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the competition falls in line with a rather vast array of stimuli aimed at bettering Russian society, government, and business. This presentation on the investment potential within the region, from the Investment Portal of the Krasnodar Region is telling of the area's overall liveability value too. 

The order, issued by the Ministry of Construction, is posted on the governmental website here. The contest, which is held annually, pits municipalities in six categories against one another.  

Krasnodar is the administrative center of Krasnodar Krai, a city of roughly 750,000 situated in the South and West of Russia a few kilometers inland of the Black Sea. The city has been named by Forbes magazine as the best city for business in Russia, several times. An industrial center, and one of Russia's key agricultural hubs, the city is also blessed with a highly developed sense of culture and progressive education. With a near perfect climate, sports and outdoor activities perpetuate a healthy lifestyle for people here. It's actually no great surprise the area has won for livability and comfortable lifestyle.