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Sochi: Modern Gateway to Authentic Vacation Bliss

Aerial view of Sochi, Russia
Aerial view of Sochi, Russia (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)

When it comes to discovering the South of Russia many people think of the sunny, sandy beaches there, or of national nature resorts and local Caucasian food. Very few associate Sochi and her surrounds with Spain's Barcelona, the Swiss Alps or Holland's Rotterdam. Yet, the region has been transformed into the Black Sea’s finest resort offering, the ultimate combination of untouched nature and futuristic architecture.  

Our Russia wants to deliver the reader to the city of Sochi, in order to reveal why tourists come here again, and again, and to show onlookers Russia's local Monaco. Through the camera lens of a local celebrity, activist, and a friend of Our Russia, Viktor Teplyakov, you’ll see a view of the Krasnodar region that’s unique. 

Train to Sochi
Taking the train to Sochi is a sightseeing ticket worth the price (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)


Post-Olympic Treasure 

Surrounded by the Caucasian ridge, Sochi has always been famous for its winter ski resorts. The Olympic Games of 2014 held here, they proved Sochi’s value as a Winter wonderland owing to the region's natural facilities. Competing with the Alps' ski resorts, the post-Olympic venues are actually far ahead in outdoing Central Europe's skiing destinations, of only for their newly-built infrastructure and outstanding levels of service. 

Ski resort “Roza Hutor” (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)
Ski resort “Roza Hutor” (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)


Summer Paradise

Decorated by frozen forests and snow capped mountain tops in Winter, Sochi is completely carpeted in flowers and lush, green national parks during Summer. The Dendrological Park of Adler is one perfect place to find loses oneself inside a fabulously  beautiful watercolor painting turned real, and to get lost in time. Rare trees and plants, blossoming lilies and waterflowers, here you can find a new reality in a living “Alice's “enchanted forest.”

Dendrological Park (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)
Dendrological Park (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)


Russia's Rotterdam

Sochi also features Russia's best beaches, side-by-side with the country’s most modern architecture. Bright colors and hi-tech designs perfectly match exotic trees and palms here. Such unique combinations can hardly be found in any other region of Russia. From the Yacht basin to the classy boutiques of Sochi's downtown, the city exceeds all expectations. And let's not forget about Formula 1 racing, or the fabulous arenas inherited from the Olympics. 

Sochi, Russia's Rotterdam
(Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)

A magical and brilliant place, Sochi continually presents visitors with something new and interesting. For instance, traveling by train along the Caucasian range, tourists can enjoy the untouched nature and centuries old tunnels and fortresses along their journey to the sea. Going by car, travelers get to experience newly-built highways and bridges, which afford similar sightseeing along the way.

The well heeled adventurer may opt for renting a yacht, or captaining their own, to head out to amazing sunsets along the coast, perhaps communing with the noisy local seagulls. It is all here, in Russia's timeless paradise, only recently rediscovered.

Sochi architecture
Sochi architecture is a stunning mix of natural-modernistic harmony (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)


About Viktor Teplyakov:

Born in Sochi in 1970, Viktor was the key organizer of the Center for Volunteer Development in Sochi. He founded the city's newspaper “Nash dom Sochi” as well, and is currently a member of the Committee for Therapeutic and Facility Development of the Krasnodar region. Viktor is also a member of the party “Edinaya Rossiya.” As you can see, he is also a talented amateur photographer who captures much of the essence of his beloved Sochi. 

The Black Sea at Sochi
The Black Sea at Sochi (Photo: Viktor Teplyakov)