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Ski Salon / Ski Build Expo - 2015 Moscow

Gostiny Dvo
The events at Gostiny Dvo (Gostiny Dvo)

At Gostiny Dvor exhibition center in Moscow, this year's Ski & Board Salon - Ski Build Expo brings ski tourism and the business of Winter sports back into the limelight. The exhibition, a dialogue for what's cooking in the ski world, is a brand and idea showcase like no other. 

From featuring snowmaking system developments, to masters sessions in resort development, the expo is the largest industry event in the Russian Federation. B2B and B2C topical discussions, tourism and resort news, leading company and agency meet-ups and networking, the expo is broadly focused. Still, this year's them is a bit more narrow, encompassing construction and development, as well as the typical show exhibition past visitors have been accustomed to.

Masterconcept's Gernot Leitner
Masterconcept's Gernot Leitner (Courtesy Masterconcept Press)

Ski Build Expo is rather unique in that it is the first such event dedicated soley to ski engineering. Everyone from investors to construction companies and resort developers are attending. One notable expert, the President of the company Masterconcept Gernot Leitner (above), gave attendees on day 1 sound advice on developing ski resorts: 

“Small ski resorts near or inside big cities are magnets for skiers and fun loving active people and they will become the new customers for the big resorts in the future. Besides the sport element it is very important to market the “lifestyle” element of mountain activities. Those resorts must be integrated into the ‘urban’ offers of a city, like public transport access, school and sports programs of clubs.”

Courtesy Ski Expo
At the cutting edge of all things ski - Courtesy Ski Expo

The exhibition sessions will also include; tourism and mountain holidays, investment projects, infrastructure, hotel services, alpine skiing and snowboard equipment, trekking, climbing, paragliding, rescue equipment, and much more. To learn more about this year's event readers should visit the links provided, or visit or contact the organizers at: 

Gostiny Dvor, Ilinka 4, "Ploshchad' Revolutsii" and "Kitay-Gorod" metro stations /