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Yandex Rolls Out New "Vladivostok" Mobile Friendly Search

Vladivostok bridge
Vladivostok's iconic bridge via our partners Gelio Vostok

Earlier this month, Russian search giant Yandex rolled out their mobile-friendly ranking algorithm code nameed Vladivostok. Named for the city with the highest mobile internet usage, and available only in Russia, the Yandex mobile friendly rollout will soon be available for searchers in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey, as well. 

The search company began back in November 2015, labeling mobile-friedly pages in order to speed the release of this latest version. The company is reportedly intent on ranking mobile friendly pages higher than their unfriendly counterparts, and company spokespersons assured search guru, Barry Schwartz lower ranked pages would not totally disappear from searches. Yandex said there are some 800 or more ranking factors built into this new algorithm. 

No, no, yes of Yandex Vladivostok for mobile optimization

Webmasters can test their pages in the Yandex Webmaster portal to see if they are mobile-friendly. According to Yandex, a page must meet the following criteria to be considered mobile friendly:

  • All webpage content (text, images, etc) must fit comfortably on a small screen
  • The best pages will have vertical, rather than horizontal, scrolling
  • Pages with accessibility on mobile devices (Java applets, Flash and Silverlight plug-ins are not supported by mobile browsers).  Flash Video media files, for instance, cannot appear in search results on the mobile version of Yandex’s video search and hosting service, Yandex.Video, which only supports the HTML5 format.

Last month Yandex announced smart banner ads for better personalized targeting, within the Yandex Advertising Network in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.