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Happy 90th Birthday Vera Vasilyeva

 Vera Vasileva
Vera Vasileva

Theater and film actress, People's Artist of the USSR, Vera Vasilyeva celebrates her 90th birthday today, September 30th, 2015. 

Known for her roles in the films Svadba s pridanym (1954), Ein toller Tag, oder Die Hochzeit des Figaro (1974) and Pokhozhdeniya zubnogo vracha(1965), the distinguished Artist of Russia. Vera Vasilyeva is also loved for her smart and charming ways, and the jovial manner which she processes. A noted voice actress, she is also well known for her role in the hit film, "The Tale of the Siberian Land," which saw Vasilyeva and many other stars win the coveted Stalin Prize (which she won twice). A veteran of more than 40 films, Vasilyeva once said her most coveted prize is her Crystal Turandot, won for her role in "For the honor of dignity." 

For over 20 years Vera Vasilyeva was Secretary of the Union of theatrical figures, and Chairman of the social Commission engaged in assisting artists and colleagues living in difficult life situations. Vera is also a voiceful activists in support of homeless animals, and many non-proifits aimed at charitable work. Some of the artists other film roles include; Chuck and Huck, The Chase, Malicious Sunday, and 2007's Matchmaker, among the many others.