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Russia One TV's Evgeny Maruskin - My Russia

Evgeny Maruskin
Evgeny Maruskin shares his voyage, this part is aboard the cruise ship Leonid Krasin

Our Russia has the privilege last week of speaking with Moscow native Evgeny Maruskin, who is also a News Producer at Channel One. The man behind some of Russia’s most gripping news television, is not surprisingly as Russian as Russian gets while on holiday too. We caught up with my friend Evgeny as he sailed back down to Moscow on the Volga aboard the cruise ship Leonid Krasin, on one leg of an extended holiday across Western Russia.

Here’s what the sportsman and news producer had to say on a number of interesting topics, and especially candid “My Russia” interview. 

Through the sunglasses of Evgeny Maruskin
Through the sunglasses of Evgeny Maruskin

Our Russia: How did you get involved in TV production Evgeny?

Evgeny Maruskin: Several years ago I worked as a Store Manager for one of the largest companies in Russia for selling electronic equipment. After a time,  I wanted to try a new professional role. So it was, my best friend brought me into TV. At first I produced documentary and feature films, shortly thereafter I came to a news department on TV Channel One, where I still work as a producer.

Our Russia: In the west there’s a lot of discussion on freedom in Russia. In your experience, just how open and free is Russian society today?

Evgeny Maruskin: Well, we are all aware that the West is trying to put pressure on Russia, and one of the most destructive was is to tell the world that in Russia there is no freedom. In my experience, this statement is utterly false. Russia these days is a multinational country where citizens have the opportunity to practice any religion, may choose the political course of our Russia, and to travel anywhere. This last point is very important for any person, and now Russians can literally go anywhere. Most people in the so-called “West” fail to understand the importance of this.

Our Russia: What is the most rewarding thing about working in TV journalism?

Evgeny Maruskin: I think the most rewarding thing about working in journalism is being able to communicate with people. The genre affords us the opportunity to learn different points of view, and from all over the world, not just within Russia. In communicating so, we are all able to expand our horizons, and to give people the opportunity to make informed choices.

Russian countryside
The Russia so few foreigners have ever seen (Evgeny Maruskin)

Our Russia: Do you have a lot of freedom to create/tell interesting stories via the news?

Evgeny Maruskin: In any country in the news there is to tell and show the people what really going on inside the country and abroad. Today it is very difficult for our colleagues to work in Ukraine because they are not allowed to tell and show the truth that is happening in the South-East of the country. We see that Russian journalists deported from Ukraine. And we all remember our colleagues who were killed in the Ukraine, performing their professional duties.

Our Russia: Who is the most famous person you’ve met while producing for TV?

Evgeny Maruskin: I don't differentiate in between people, either those well known, or unknown to me. I'm just doing my job, but in general 2w all know the theory of six handshakes. So it's easy for me to say, I have shaken hands with most of the famous people in Russia.

Evgeny Maruskin
Evgeny Maruskin in the bulrushes on vacation in Russia

Our Russia: Where do you see yourself in 5 years Evgeny? What is your professional fantasy?

Evgeny Maruskin: As you know, each person must have a goal and a dream! Otherwise, one is not a real person, so I too have me own goals and dreams. For now I chose to keep this to myself, but it is my intention to pursue the dream with everything I have. 

Our Russia: Can you tell us a little bit about “Your Russia”, your dreams and feelings about this great country.

Evgeny Maruskin: I believe before we are born each of us chooses the time and place. Form me, I am proud to have been born in Russia. This is a Great country, not only for its sheer size, but also for our spiritual and cultural values. In Russia, up until now, there is a concept of the Family which cannot be underestimated. This family, which includes mother, father, sisters and brothers, makes Russia is the most powerful country in the world today. As for my past and future journey, I simply say "I am from Russia!"

Our Russia: What does the term "Твоя Воля" or “Your Will” mean for you? For most Russians?

Evgeny Maruskin: In order to be happy, any person needs only 3 things: love, a chosen profession, and the opportunity to travel. For most people, there is the desire to be happy, and to constantly evolve, to never give up and to keep going forward! I'm sure the phrase "Твоя Воля" means much the same thing to most Russians, it’s the freedom to choose their path.

Evgeny Maruskin
Evgeny doing his best to make Vladimir Putin jealous

Our Russia: We’ve caught you on vacation in Astrakhan Evgeny, do you have a favorite place to visit when you have time off?

Evgeny Maruskin: As I said, I am completely free in my movements. I also don't have a favorite vacation spot. I found it great to bask under the sun on island of freedom (Cuba), and in the Dominican Republic, but also in spending a few weeks in Europe – this also was priceless! Strolling along the streets of Sunny Italy, drinking a delicious beer in the Czech Republic, or biking in Amsterdam... to Discover new cities and countries - it is perfect! This year I chose a trip across Russia. I love traveling by car, and for the first time decided to take a journey across the vast expanses of my country. I just took the wheel and went! First I drove to the South of Russia, in the city of Astrakhan, where enjoyed great fishing in the Caspian sea, and then I went to the North of the country, and went on a cruise from St. Petersburg to Moscow. I journeyed to the Gulf of Finland, Lake Ladoga, Lake Onega, and of course along one of the largest rivers on Earth and the longest in Europe - the Volga river. It was an amazing journey. So this is my greatest story so far, this is my My Freedom, this is My Russia!!!

Twilight on the Volga
Twilight on the Volga (Evgeny Maruskin)

More about Evgeny: 

Born on the most holy day of May 3rd, back in 1986, Evgeny studied English and German in high school. From 2002-2007 he attended and later graduated from the Moscow Institute Of International Economic Relations. He tells us of his personal qualities of sociability, and responsibleness, as well a his being results oriented and fondness for traveling, hunting, fishing, and a love of collecting puzzles, chess, and sports.