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Lake Syamozero Drowning Incident Under Investigation

Lake Syamozero
Lake Syamozero

The Head of the Republic of Karelia, has confirmed that at least 13 children have drowned in the Lake Syamozero accident that took place in Karelia on Saturday. A fourteenth child has yet to be found, according to the preliminary investation. 

On June 18, forty-seven children vacationing at the Park Hotel Syamozero children’s recreation camp ran into gale force winds while out on the Lake Syamozero, while accompanied by four adult instructors. Their boats having overturned, the youngsters from some 14 nations were in harm's way when a large storm caught them out on the large freshwater lake to the north and east of St. Petersburg. A total of 37 people were rescued, and of those 33 were children. Also according to the resports, warnings of the storm were given days before the planned excursion. Several of the adults have been charged with failing to adhere to savety regulations over the incident. 

12 of the children are in a local hospital, and officials say their lives are in no danger. The kids have suffered varied injuries from hypothermia to spinal injuries, according to a report from TASS. Emergencies Ministry Vladimir Puchkov has called for the camp responsible for the children’s deaths to be closed, and for children to be returned home to their parents. The Russian Investigative Committee has opened a criminal case under Article 238, part 3 of the Russian Criminal Code. The families of the dead children, according to the Karelian authorities, will receive compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles each from the republic’s reserve fund.

A day of mourning has been declared for the dead children on Monday in Karelia and in Moscow.