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Koktebel Jazz Party Way Underway


Some three thousand plus fans attended the first day of the Koktebel Jazz Festival, while more than three million viewers tuned into to enjoy the music. Highlighting the performances so far were; RSB INTRO, Vladimir Nesterenko and Anastasia Glazkova. 

Scheduled from August 28th through today, the festival on the Crimea coast features world class artists from all over. On top of electrifying performances, the festival is also holding a series of educational programs and lectures to include a music history of the 20th Century, and more. Koktebel Jazz Party is an annual international jazz festival that began as a private initiative of its founder, journalist Dmitry Kiselev. The small Crimean village the festival is named for has become something of a "Mecca" for jaz enthusiasts around the world.

At the opening of the festival Dmitry Kiselev, Director-General of Rossiya Segodnya told Sputnik International, the revenue from ticket sales will be used to fund the development of cultural institutions in Crimea.