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Russia's New Admiral Kuznetsov Heavy Aircraft Carrier

Project 23000E Storm Nevskoye Design Bureau
Project 23000E Storm Nevskoye Design Bureau

According to news from Russia’s defense and industrial sector, the development of an unrivaled aircraft carrier is underway. Northern Fleet Commander, Admiral Vladimir Korolyov told reporters on Monday. The new top-secret project codenamed 23000E Storm, is  a massive undertaking with an estimated final cost in excess of $5 billion. 

The new aircraft carrier will enable the Russian Navy to operate more effectively, the admiral said, referring to the developments by the Krylov Research State Center in St. Petersburg. The admiral continued:

"Considering that the Northern Fleet forces perform a great variety of missions in the distant Oceanic zone, the presence of an aircraft carrier in the fleet in the future will help address these tasks more effectively."

Project 23560E Shkval cruiser design

News Russia's only operational carrier of the Admiral Kuznetsov passing through the English Channel on her way to Syria made headlines this week. Meanwhile, Russia's capability to project power is at the forefront now given US-Russia tensions brought on by the Ukraine and Syria crises. According to Admiral Korolyov, this new heavy carrier will be built to the requirements of the future, rather than today's. The Nevskoye Design Bureau, which is Russia’s sole aircraft carrier designer, is carrying out preparatory works on this project, as well as the Project 23560E Shkval cruisers development (image above). 

With a projected length of over 1,000 feet, and at 100,000 plus tons, the new "Storm" nuclear carriers will have a top speed of over 30 knots, and carry 100 of Russia's best fighter/bomber aircraft. Respected Russian defense analyst Konstantin Sivkov commented earlier this year that; "the tasks which the battlegroups of the Russian Navy must resolve, in both peacetime and in wartime, go far beyond the reach of our shore-based fighter jets and bombers".