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Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO and Siemens Partner

SKOLKOVO - Moscow School of Management
SKOLKOVO - Moscow School of Management

Last week the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO announced having signed a memorandum of understanding with Siemens for a collaboration on urban development.

Announced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the agreement tells of Siemens support for intensive short-term educational programmes of the SKOLKOVO Business School for representatives of the real estate industry, municipal government and financial institutions. Ksenia Mokrushina, Head of the SKOLKOVO Centre for Urban Studies, offered this: 

"Smart urban development and management will be one of the key areas in the collaboration between Siemens and SKOLKOVO Business School. Studying the concept of a smart city and applying its principles is impossible without understanding the long-term trends in the development of information systems and technology, and the future of urbanised areas."

With the objective of gaining knowledge in sustainable territorial and urban planning, development, and construction, the program also aims at developing leadership skills. Siemens will take part in the preparation of an educational programme for management teams comprised city mayors, and small town adminnistrators where single industries prevail. The shared results of Siemens and SKOLKOVO research will lead to joint projects in the field of smart development. 

The collaboration also promises the expansion of networks of partners in  the corporate, professional, academic, university and research environments, as well as among international development and non-profit organisations. Mokrushina went on to explain the potential of this cooperation, including how the modern city will afford instant communication, transactions, connected residents, and the interlacing of business and the IoT etc. The SKOLKOVO executive also hinted at how Big Data might be employed to create  more perfect urban reality.