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In the Far East: It Was Tiger Day

Tiger Day

This year's Vladivostok traditional ecology holiday - Tiger Day saw more than 10,000 participants marching along the city’s central streets to celebrate Russia's biggest cats. Many of the particupants were children, who came clad in "tiger" and "leopard" costumes and carry posters.

The call of the kids could be heard and seen, an appeal to grown ups to preserve the unique nature of the Far East and the rare animals there, particularly the great Amur tiger and the Far East leopard. The day long celebration took up the central square of the city, where international foundations and organizations provided a backdrop for a music concernt starring rock legend Uriah Heep’s Ken Hensley, who wrote the song "Free (The Song of Amur)." The video below is from last year's event. 

Tiger Day is the vision of local author and wild nature activist Vladimir Troinin, who launched the very first Tiger Day back in 2000. Since then more than 20 towns and villlages around Vladivostok join in celebrating. The festive program has expanded so much, that since 2016 the celebrations take two days running.