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Crimea Kids' Santa Letter Drive Underway

Grandfather Frost
Waiting cards and letters Grandfather Frost from Veliky Ustyug -

At railway stations in Crimea special mailboxes have been installed so that children can send their letters to Santa Claus. Simferpol and Sevastopol are the first cities to get the special mailboxes, but more stops along Crimean Railways will help deliver the Christmas requests.

Kids all across Crimea will be able to get their special requests in starting this week. The special campaign, "Letter to Santa," was held at the railway station Evpatoria on Monday, and today the mailboxes opened at Feodosiya as well. Tomorrow sees Kerch joining in, and on the 17th Dzhankoy Santa mailboxes open. Already hundreds of letters to Santa have been mailed requesting toys, laptop computers, tablets, and the biggest of all kid surprises, and get this, a personal meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Just the other day the president gave a Siberian Husky to a 12 year old girl who wrote to him. 

The initiative is supported by the federal state unitary enterprise "Mail of the Crimea", the employees of which become Santa's elves in this regard, ensuring that all letters were stamped and sealed.

All letters are addressed to Santa, who as everyone knows, lives in Veliky Ustyug. It will be interesting to see how much influence Santa has on Mr. Putin. It's not often a leader is more popular than toys for little kids.