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Coming to Sochi in Spring "Madness" Extreme Sport

Rosa Peak
Looking down from Rosa Peak

According to news from ski resort Rosa Khutor in Sochi, a "first ever" Spring 2016 event will see extreme sports buffs compete in the sports game "Madness" race. The extreme sporting event will consist of grueling tests of stamina, skill, and boldness as well.

Participants in the race will compete across a seven kilometer trek where pitfalls and obstacles such as walls, trenches, tunnels, tension ropes, drag stumps, and an arduous array of other tests await. Spokespersons for the events say it will be many times more difficult than previous competitions like the one in Ufa. 

Panda Park high life
High life at Panda Park - Sergei Kazantsev

The all-season resort is best known for the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Winter skiing, but Spring and Summer at Rosa Khutor offer magnificent hiking trails, the wonderful Reserved Forest and the descent to the crystal lake, gorges, and the rope obstacles of "Panda Park" (images), where we assume part of the "Madness" race is to take place. 

Readers can find out more about Rosa Khutor by visiting the official resort links, or I Love Rosa Khutor here

Panda Park
Panda Park, were some of the "Madness" race events will likely take place - Sergei Kazantsev