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First Fur Salon Coming to Moscow's Crocus Expo

From the Nevris 2015 Collection
From the Nevris 2015 Collection (Nevris Furs)
Coming up in Moscow beginning August 17th, a fur exhibition and sale at Crocus Expo presents some 7,000 plus models of fur coats, vests, and other fur products from 30 or more fur houses worldwide.

Set for the pavilion “First Fur Salon”, the event will showcase the most luxurious furs from Canada and Scandinavia from such brands as Manzari, FINEZZA, NELLO SANTI, NEVRIS, MANAKAS and BRASCHI. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy the finest creations of Italian, Greek, Turkish, Russian and Scandinavian manufacturers.

The exhibition/sale will not only feature the latest in designs, but also closeout coats in mink, sable, and chinchilla, as well as less expensive models in mouton, fox, and broadtail.

The exhibition is scheduled to operate daily from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. through August 12th 2016. For more information you may contact the organizers via phone at: +7 (499) 249-8460, or vie Email at: