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Ski Russia 2015 – Sky High Above All Europe

Arkhyz Ski
Arkhyz Ski

The world keeps getting smaller and smaller. Truly unique adventures, they get harder to find, farther apart, for those souls out there reaching for the edges. For the enthusiastic adventurer in search of new powder, and unequaled experience in the high country the North Caucasus Mountains of Russia promise new and exhilarating life moments. News from Mount , and the developers of an ambitious all-season resort project, foretell of an audacious ski season upcoming.

OJSC "Northern Caucasus Resorts“ just recently announced the final stages of completing the highest gondola lift in Europe or Russia, from the station "Mir" to the station "Gara-Bashi" in the Mount Elbrus vicinity. The most recent project in an unparalleled effort to transform the Northern Caucasus into a year round adventure playground, it challenges the summits of Europe’s tallest mountains. This last phase of lift construction will afford access to skiing at 3847 meters. At a cost of over 1 billion rubles, the new lift section will reportedly be ready for the 2015/16 Winter season. The gondola, capable of carrying 8 skiers, will have a capacity of 750 people per hour to start with, with planes to accommodate 1500. The map below offers an idea of the expanse of this project. 

The resorts of the Northern Caucasus
The resorts of the Northern Caucasus (NCRC)

Fueled by a 40% rise in domestic tourism last year, the Caucasus region is on schedule for exceeding all previous predictions for visitor growth. The resorts of this region hosted over 140,000 visitors in 2014, and this year is on schedule to reach 200,000. OJSC’s various projects continue to play a vital role in the region, and the new resort operations are expected to create in excess of 300,000 new jobs by project completion. For the traveler, the value is clearly in the pristine wilderness, and the state-of-the-art facilities being built.

To give the reader an idea of both these elements, first I’d like to present a video created in a project called “Ride the Planet” – a ski adventurer’s real life preview of the slopes of the Arkhyz region. Please note that this was filmed 4 years ago, and that OJSC and other developers have since built advanced support mechanisms. 

The North Caucasus is no only a new Mecca for ski enthusiasts, experts say the region is prime real estate for more exotic environmental and pilgrimage tourism as well. Already a resort destination for the affluent of Moscow and Stavropol, the new facilities and other developments will cater more to all tourists. Even despite the cultural pilgrimages, biking and paragliding thrills etc., the lure of these mountains for world class skiing is perhaps the biggest win-win in sight. Watching the video above, it's easy to envision a throng of thrill seeking sportsmen and women taking to the virgin pistes and secluded slopes as yet undiscovered by them. 

The Resort Arkhyz
The Resort Arkhyz

Developed in phases, the resorts of the OJSC "Northern Caucasus Resorts“ will include: 

  • The Arkhyz, located in Zelenchuk and Urupsky districts of Karachay-Cherkess Republic
  • All-season tourism and recreation complex "Leading" -  located in the Itum-Kalinsky area of the Chechen Republic in the picturesque valley of the river Argun, originating from a glacier on the Northern slopes of the Caucasus mountains. 
  • Mt. Elbus - in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
  • Ski resort Mamison (image below), being built in Alagir and IrAF in the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania.
  • All-season mountain recreation complexes Tsori and Armkhi
  • The resort Matlas in the Khunzakh district of the Republic of Dagestan
  • The nature area of Lagonaki plateau — part of the Western Caucasus range
  • The Caspian Sea cluster
  • And the Spa Resorts - Balneological resorts of the Stavropol territory


Ski resort Mamison will be built in Alagir and IrAF areas of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania.
Ski resort Mamison will be built in Alagir and IrAF areas of the Republic of North Ossetia — Alania.

To find out more about these magnificent all-year touristic destinations, we suggest readers visit the various links suggested, especially the Arkhyz resort website here. Alternatively, more information can be obtained by contacting the developer of these resorts, OJSC "Northern Caucasus Resorts“ via phone at: +7 (495) 775-91-22, or via Email at:

To learn about current accomodations, the Arkhyz resort website suggests many including the Boarding House Energetic here.