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Mashuk Aqua-TRM Gets Touristic Development Boost


According to the Minister of culture of the Stavropol region, Tatyana Lihacheva, new building permits will be issued for companies interested in developing tourism near thermal springs in the region. In conjunction with the Ministry of the Environment, the culture ministry will explore medical and health tourism plans for building new hotels and parks. 

The springs in the villages in the Suvorovskaya district, the Kazminsky Kochubeevskogo region, Novotroitsk reservoir district,  and Lake Lesnikovska in the Petrovsky district will be studied for potential development. The creation of recreational areas, and other advanced developments are the key focus, according to the minister. In a meeting on Tuesday of this week, the regional government discussed in particular, the thermal springs in the village of Suvo. 

Also according to this news, the project "Mashuk Aqua-Therm" (video above) has been implemented along the lines of the framework of a plan of creation of a tourist cluster for the region. The 21 million ruble project is a public-private partnership planned to boost infrastructure and the development of the mineral water source in Stavropol Krai, which is located pine forest, amid Botanical garden and spring lake.