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Russia Becomes EU Traveler Value

Russia via Gelio Vostok
Russia via Gelio Vostok

The drop in the value of the ruble has its underlying benefits. Evidence of this is an increasing number of tourists from the EU taking vacations across Russia.

Studies performed by the Momondo reservation service suggest that by summer 2016 trips and reservations in Russia will have increased to 30%. Also gathered by this study, are the increases of travellers headed to Russian destinations, as well as where they come from. The highest numbers of bookings, according to the study, originate from the United Kingdom, Norway, Israel, Denmark, and Germany, with the United States rising by 11% as well.

Data, paralleling that of Momondo’s, was provided by the Skyscanner airfare comparison and reservation service. According to them, the early bookings of international flights has increased 35% in comparison to last year’s reservations.

These studies have also shown the most visited destinations in Russia. Among foreigners, Moscow (53%) and St.Petersburg (21%), are the most popular, but runners up include; Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, and Siberia’s largest metropolis, Novosibirsk.

Mamondo representative Irina Riabovol believes the influx of travellers from Europe and the rest of the world to be linked to the drop in worth of the ruble, allowing travel to Russia to be more affordable. Riabovol believes the mentality towards Russia has changed as well. She said,”Foreign tourists were very skeptical about traveling to Russia in 2014. But in 2015 they changed their attitude to a positive one and began to consider Russian cities as new, interesting and cheap places to travel.”

So this appears to be the year for Russian travel, as a steady growth in tourism rises, and prices for such travel endeavors decreases.