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Five Memorable Vladivostok Business Lunch Spots

In the coming year Vladivostok will see a record number of business travelers to Russia’s Far Eastern metropolis. Our Russia went afield today to find some restaurant venues that offer special value for a genuine Russia cuisine business lunch. Our choices today are random finds via apps and digital reviews, but in August we will quiz the locals to find more great gastronomy choices.

Porto-Franco dining room (website virtual tour)

Restaurant Porto Franco (Порто-Франко) is a local favorite in service for more than a century of history. A charming and stylish affair, the cuisine is European/Russian with an emphasis on traditional classics. Chef Mikhail Sokolov personally prepares dishes from surrounding mains from land and sea. His stuffed trout, and the filet of sea bass are near legendary with patrons. From the Chef's menu Our Russia recommends the salad with squid and red caviar, followed by the salmon rolls with cheese "Natura classik." The cheese soup with shrimp and bacon is a good starter substitute on a cool Summer or Fall day in Vladivostok. 

Sokolov also presents artful recreations of Russian classics from the famous cookbook of Elena Molokhovets “A Gift to Young Housewives,”  the most successful book of its kind in 19th and early 20th century Russia. Suggested lunch selections from the menu might include; salad with salmon, followed by consomme Diana, and then filet of rabbit with pickled beets.  A nice finish to lunch here can end on a variety of pastry delights, but a warm Summer day should be accented by cottage cheese and berry Tartar with fresh berries in our view. 

Porto-Franco - St. Svetlanskaya, 13
In the city center, Porto-Franco - St. Svetlanskaya, 13

Situated in the center of the Vladivostok at ул. Светланская, 13 (call +7(914) 790-76-99), the restaurant also offers selected meat specialties; a wonderful wine card, many flavors of beers, whiskies, and a desert menu second to none.

At Restaurant \"Nikolai Stuckenberg\".
At Restaurant "Nikolai Stuckenberg". (Stuckenberg Facebook)

Restaurant Nikolai Stuckenberg (Штуккенбергъ) is another Vladivostok eatery noted for superb traditional Russian cuisine. The concept behind this cafe/restaurant is to remind people gastronomically of the importance of culinary history native to this region, while at the same time offering new concepts in reviving these ages old dishes. The food you'll enjoy here mirrors the fare served in restaurants and taverns of the Russian Empire during the late 19th through early 20th centuries. Suggestions from the chef here include every item on the fabulous menu, but new patrons might enjoy the Roulade of chicken wrapped in bacon with spray in particular. The recipe for squash stuffed with veal on the restaurant website gives hints to other culinary art being created here. Separate cafe and restaurant menus differentiate still further, as does the special order menu where you'll find everything from gourmet custom made pancakes to hamburgers. 

Another key facet to this restaurant's value proposition is the promotion of local products such as Aliutor herring and Magadan berries and mushrooms. Fish from the Eastern sea, river fish of the area, and genuine Kamchatka caviar are but a few of the genuine ingredients that make up a superior Russian dining experience. Named for an heroic figure by the same name, the restaurant reflects on the nobility of the heroic captain Nikolai Stuckenberg conveyed in the historic Russian cuisine perfected here. From the fabulous and meticulous bar staff, to ornately desinged table ornaments, the restaurant speaks volumes for traditional Russian hospitality and downright class. You can also expect a superb wine list, the aforementioned exquisite bar service, and all the usual high end restaurant amenities you would find in any major city. 

Location of Stuckenberg Restaurant
Location of Stuckenberg Restaurant in the city center

Located at the heart of the city on Ocean Avenue number 28 (Океанский пр-кт, 28) , the restaurant is steps from many major attractions. For reservations reads may want to call: +7(423) 226-69-49, or Email:

A table at Zoyka's Apartment ЗОЙКИНА КВАРТИРА

Another nostalgic trip down a Russian memory lane of the 1930's Zoyka's Apartment (Зойкина квартира) is a cozy but classy affair on the outskirts of the city. The retro style of the establishment betrays yet again, the Vladivostok love for all things Russian gastronomy. Here the delights of this under-publicized culinary tradition joins favorably with European classics to ensure lunch or dinner guests both blissful quiet, along with a superb dining experience. The restaurant also offers free WiFi and many other business friendly amenities. 

Set far away from the hustling madness that can be Vladivostok's port, Zoyka's is idea for a romantic dinner, or a meaningful business luncheon. Starters for lunch or dinner include: a Fashion Atelie, a warm salad made with shrimp, trumpeter, scallops, octopus and squid with vegetables in an intriguing pear sauce; followed by a main of roast cod with scallops on a bed of spinach. The dessert cart at Zoyka's is well stocked as well, but Our Russia can recommend finishing lunch with crepes in caramel with Mascarpone cheese and berry sauce. 

Zorka's Apartment
Slightly off the beaten path, Zorka's Apartment on the outskirts of Vladivostok

If you're near Lugovaya street, 91 (as above) while you are in Vladivostok we don't hesitate to suggest this wonderful Russian cafe/restaurant. To make reservations readers will want to call ahead to: +7(423) 253-06-61

Michelle cuisine
Courtesy Michelle website

Michelle is another fine dining experience in the middle of Vladivostok offering special value for business travelers. The menu fare here is a bit more eclectic than most of the city's finest restaurants, but one thing differentiating the venue from all the rest is the view. For business people intent on impressing their clients or colleagues, Michelle is the place to make an impression visually, and gastronomically too. And for a lunch or dinner date ultimately personal and/or romantic... Well, the video below from the restaurant turns images into millions of words I think. 

Michelle is a picturesque and stylish respite that affords guests a tast of the old world, while embellishing the dining experience with new age creative zest. The backdrop sets the stage here for a memorable moment atop Vladivostok. Suggested items from the menu are: the carpaccio of scallop for starters; followed by the fish sampler "Seafood Michelle";  and capitalized with the restaurant's exceptional ice cream with berries and fresh fruits.

Michelle located in Vladivostok
Michelle located in Vladivostok's business heart

Located at Uborevicha Street, number 5A, Michelle affords an uninterrupted panorama of the harbor and the city. We heartily recommend making reservations, even for lunch, as the restaurant is one of the city's busiest. Readers visiting Vladivostok may call: +7(423) 230-81-16. 

The rustic restaurant Hunter's Yard
We said rustic, didn't we?

For the business traveler in search of a more rustic dining experience, Vladivostok has a flurry of traditional taverns and restaurants inextricably linked to the region's rural culture. One such restaurant, Hunter's Yard (Охотный двор) is a traditional journey into the wild gastronomic treasures of this once pristine (and still massively amazing) wilderness. The charmingly "country" atmosphere of the restaurant does not betray the promise of homemade, traditional Russian, Caucasian, Oriental and European cuisine prepared by the chef.

In line with the theme of wild game dishes, some suggested menu items from Hunter's Yard are: a cold starter of Basturma, along with some select Georgian cheeses; this could be followed with the Qutab lamb or a pie stuffed with steamed mutton). For desert, a business lunch is best topped off with halved aromatic pears baked with cinnamon and sugar. Served with a scoop of ice cream. Guests may choose a wide variety of appetizers, soups, salads, and other entres, of course. Also, Our Russia is amazed actually, at the huge selection of wines the restaurant has on offer from Georgian varities to Armenian and even Chilean vintages. 

Hunters Yard outside Vladivostok
Hunters Yard outside Vladivostok

Like we said, Hunter's Yard is outside of Vladivostok's city center by a dozen or so kilometers at Fadeeva Street, number 32A. Readers may call for directions or to make reservations to: +7(423) 258-30-30, or Email: