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Chelyabinsk with Oleg Ageev

My city on the river Miass
My city on the river Miass (Oleg Ageev)

Oleg Ageev (Олег Агеев) is a nice man from the Chelyabinsk Region, in the Ural Mountains. I know he is a nice man because like almost all Russians I have approached about showing our readers their photography, he consented without hesitation. I tell you of this because I've been a journalist many years now, and unquestioning consent is just not that common in the media world. So it was, I promised myself before I started writing this photo essay I'd personally surprise Oleg with a reaction to his fascinating personal photographs. 

The former tank school
The former tank school (Oleg Ageev)

I shall intersperse information about Chelyabinsk on the mighty Miass River, in between the photographs. 

Situated a bit South of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk is right on the border of Europe and Asia. Most people outside Russia will recall the city for the meteor which struck near here in 2013. The media sensation was nothing compared to the buzz the small asteroid caused among the locals. However exciting and blazing a story that may have been, the broader history of the city is even more sparkling, I assure you.

From ancient times, through the building and defense of Fort Chelyaba, the city has withstood attacks by hordes of outlaws, and was one of the stopping off points of the very first Trans-Siberia Railroad. 

Chelyabinsk fountain
Founded in 1736 as a fortress in the tract Chelyaba, on the right Bank of the river Miass, Chelyabinsk has a lot to offer (Oleg Ageev)

The city was also a thriving hub for migration to Siberia and parts beyond, and a sort of last stronghold during the Russian Civil War. Held by the "White Movement", the city eventually fell to the Bolsheviks. World War II history buffs will recollect the city being dubbed "Tankograd" owing to the vast numbers of T-34 tanks having been constructed by tractor factories here.

Church of St. Basil the Great, Lenin Ave
Church of St. Basil the Great, Lenin Ave Church of St. Basil the Great, Lenin Avenue (Oleg Ageev)

Today Chelyabinsk is still one of the major industrial centers of Russia. Metallurgical, mining, and other industrial operations here are some of the largest anywhere on Earth. The city's people are employed in every profession, from growing or distributing agricultural products, to working in Russia's biggest Zinc mining operations, and everything imaginable in between. 

\"Sphere Of Love\". Sculpture in the square on the street thieves.
"Sphere Of Love". Sculpture in the square on the street thieves. (Oleg Ageev)

Some noted attractions for visitors to see include; The Chelyabinsk Zoo - Zoological Par, the Chelyabinsk Concert Hall, Holy Trinity Church, Chelyabinsk State Academic Drama Theatre, Traktor Arena, Tea-packing factory Kuznetsov, and many other attractions. 

Then there's research and educational opportunities galore in the city as well. Many rare books are to be found in the Chelyabinsk Regional Universal Scientific Library, and the city also has 9 memorable museums to take in including; the Museum of military equipment in the garden of Victory and the Chelyabinsk regional museum. 

For more information about Chelyabinsk, you may want to visit the official website of the city here. My special thanks goes out to Oleg, from whom you'll find hundreds more images of this magnificent city via his LiveJournal profile. Surprise Oleg!