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Pokrovskaya Fair 2015 Ends

Record breaking frying pan
The record breaking frying pan being inspected in Tambov

The festival of Potatoes at the fifth international Pokrovskaya Fair ended with hundreds feasting on more than a half ton of potatoes. Held on the banks of the Tsna in Tambov, Tver Oblast, the fest also featured a concert dedicated to the potato. 

Frying potatoes in a pan (feature image) of almost 3 meters (a Russian record) in diameter local school cooks prepared the 500 kilos of spuds mixed with 12 kilos of onions, 600 grams of salt, in 11 liters of vegetable oil. Above the sizzling potatoes cooking, guests of the fest were treated to songs and ditties like the lyric "Tambov potatoes - the power of black earth", hooligan "OPA-OPA, no potatoes bad," and more. 

Also at the feast, tables full of pickles-tomatoes, sauerkraut, carrots, pickled apples, pickled grapes, Isabella, fat, cakes, and much more tempted the audience until the potatoes were cooked. Prizes were awarded by festival officials in categories from "biggest potato" to "best song about potatoes."