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Russian Railways to Open Mini Grocery Stores

Yaroslavl Station
Yaroslavl Station

In news from Russian Railways, the company will launch a new grocery chain along the lines of the 7 Eleven franchises once popular in the United States. According to the news, the new chain of small grocery stores will target passengers on the run who need to pick up grocery items. 

Among the features Russian Railways has announced, will be the sale of everything from non-food products like household items and even books, as well as a limited inventory of food, drinks, and some staples. The shops will also have a sort of “mini-cafe” offering a set menu of snacks etc.

The new network of shops will cooperate with Russian and foreign suppliers, but the chain will be atypical of most chains in that they will cooperate through public procurement with network partners. Russian Railways says a contract is slated to be signed later this year.

The original plan was a joint venture in between X5 and "GTK-roundabout" to open the initial 30 stores, but now RZD — GTK (Rail trading companies) is involved. The stores are to be locate in or nearby to railway stations.